Natural Systems Design

River, Coastal, & Basin Science & Engineering Services

Who we are

Natural Systems Design (NSD)

Natural Systems Design (NSD) is a team of scientists, engineers, and planners who are also farmers, fishermen and impassioned river people who have organized our lives to have a positive influence upon our world.

Through landscape scale restoration of ecosystems and physical processes, we strive to promote quality of life for local communities and restore balance to natural systems.


Founded in 2003, the firm’s
design approach adheres to the philosophy that clean water and
functional natural processes are critical to sustaining a healthy
aquatic ecosystem.



Through combining ecology, geomorphology, hydrology,
hydraulics, and engineering services, we design rivers, streams and wetlands that look and perform as functional ecosystems.


NSD has an interdisciplinary team of 45 professional employees.

Senior designers each have 10 – 20 years of construction
supervision experience, and bring this knowledge to bear in creating buildable and cost-effective designs.