Mill Creek

Mill Creek Fish Passage Project — Chelan County Natural Resource Department, Chelan County, WA

Client: Chelan County Natural Resource Department

NSD + CGS led the analysis and design efforts for this project which addressed fish passage issues on Mill Creek. NSD + CGS worked with project stakeholders including WDFW and Chelan County Public Works to identify suitable design criteria and sideboards at project initiation. We then led a field assessment and developed a design utilizing WDFW’s stream simulation design approach. We used hydraulic models to analyze proposed conditions and ensure that all applicable design criteria were met. We also collaborated with WDFW on bed design, developed site revegetation plans, and included projected impacts of climate change into our design. One of the bigger challenges for this site was identifying a replacement structure which was able to meet the hydraulic and geotechnical design requirements while maintaining a reasonable construction cost. Additionally, a full-time temporary traffic detour was required throughout construction. NSD + CGS worked with all stakeholders to develop a design which minimized cost while satisfying all design criteria and supported our client throughout the bid and construction process (completed in 2020).

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