Jim Johannessen

Jim Johannessen - Principal Engineering Geologist

Jim will give a brief overview of beach nourishment practices in the Puget Sound, detailing various project types outlined in the Marine Shoreline Design Guidelines. This will feature local instances showcasing diverse project objectives and sediment placement strategies. A detailed examination of the 2019-2020 Birch Bay Berm case study in Whatcom County, the largest beach nourishment endeavor in the greater Puget Sound region, will be provided. He will delve into the purposes of the project, challenges, methodology, and current status. This will encompass coastal geomorphological and modeling studies, design specifics, implementation processes, and quantitative monitoring findings up through year 3, highlighting adjustments in beach morphology and profile with minor onshore gravel transport. Additionally, key insights gained from the project will be shared.

Jim Johannessen, Principal Engineering Geologist, provides consulting expertise encompassing coastal and estuarine processes, as well as geologic dynamics of coastal bluffs, and management strategies across the Salish Sea and the broader Pacific Northwest region. With a portfolio boasting over 200 successfully executed projects in soft shore protection, beach restoration, and estuary enhancement, Jim is recognized as a regional authority in these domains.  His design expertise in coastal restoration and soft shore protection has earned him acclaim within the industry.

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