Wei Chen

Dr. Wei Chen is a licensed engineer in WA. He specializes in coastal and offshore MetOcean analysis, coastal/harbor wave modelling, coastal hydraulics, sediment transport processes, and coastal design and planning projects. 

Wei has been involved in coastal studies and engineering practice since the early 1990s and has strong analytical and modelling skills and is experienced with field surveying and on-site investigation. He has proven experience in project management, project planning, concept development, feasibility studies, coastal design, and construction oversight. 

Wei has led many design projects involving shore protection structures, beach nourishment, coastal restoration, flood mitigation, and marine dredging, including leading large coastal restoration design projects for CGS at urban and more natural shores. 

In addition, Wei also holds extensive experience with ports and terminal projects including port planning, wave and hydrodynamic modeling, and mooring/berthing design.

Wei Chen


Principal Coastal Engineer

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