Susan Dickerson-Lange

Susan is a hydrologist and a licensed hydrogeologist with experience that ranges from investigations of upland snow hydrology to hydro-geomorphology to urban storm water quality. Susan is particularly interested in understanding and quantifying anthropogenic impacts to watersheds and evaluating strategies for restoration and adaptation and is the lead author on several publications related to climate change, forest hydrology, and geomorphology. At NSD + CGS, Susan leads projects that focus on the connections between upland hydrology, fluvial corridors, and downstream impacts on water resources – and she brings data-driven, watershed-scale perspectives to restoration planning at NSD + CGS. Susan leads efforts to build drought and climate change resilience through quantification, protection, and restoration of natural processes, including modeling and monitoring the hydro-geomorphic effects of stream restoration actions and applying the VELMA and DHSVM hydrologic models to investigate forest management strategies. Susan spends her free time in her garden, on the water, and in the mountains. She joined the NSD + CGS team in 2016.

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Susan Dickerson-Lange


Principal Hydrologist

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