Ryan DeKnikker

Ryan has over 12 years of experience designing, managing, permitting, and implementing large scale floodplain restoration in Washington State. His drive to produce the greatest ecological lift, with limited salmon recovery budgets has led to his proficiency in hydraulic modeling and LiDAR analysis and overall approach to restoration. Ryan’s ethical view of our natural places has been shaped in large part by his experience working for a sovereign Washington State indigenous tribe, which constitutes the bulk of his professional experience. He has particular interest and substantial experience producing climate resilient landscapes by coordinating and implementing forest health thinning projects and using thinned woody materials to restore degraded stream and river networks. In addition, Ryan is an FAA licensed drone pilot which has expanded his ability to analyze project effectiveness and communicate with clients.  Ryan holds a B.S. in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University and possesses a certificate in River Restoration from Portland State University.

Ryan DeKnikker


Project Scientist

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