Matt Tiedemann

Matt has 11 years of experience as an engineer working in the fields of hydrology, ecohydraulics, and water resources/environmental engineering. His experience encompasses hydraulic/river modeling, instream flow studies, hydrologic and geomorphic data collection and analysis, hydroacoustic instruments, and hydraulic design. Matt’s academic training and experience has focused on a multidisciplinary integration of engineering, hydrology, and riverine ecology and geomorphology, and required management and integration of complex data sets in varied formats. He has broad field experience working in harsh and remote environments, using the latest in hydrologic data collection technology and techniques. Matt has continued to build his skill set in information and data management while at NSD + CGS and routinely utilizes GIS and CAD programs to effectively organize information,
create project designs, and convey complicated information.

Matt Tiedemann


Senior Engineer

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