Leif Embertson, PE

Leif is a senior river engineer and principal at Natural Systems Design with over 15 years experience in restoration of natural processes. He is known as a ‘big river’ specialist with much of his experience in large, dynamic river systems throughout the Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest. Leif is also an avid whitewater kayaker who spends most of his free time immersed in the river environment. Throughout his life he has observed that, “Rivers change over time.” And “Our work,” he says, “is to understand the natural processes that drive those changes and then to develop solutions that combine project goals with the trends of the river.” His work includes design of floodplain and side channel habitat, stream bank stabilization, engineered logjams, fish habitat improvements, bridge/culvert replacements, 1- and 2-dimensional hydraulic modeling, scour analysis, and sediment transport analysis.