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Bob Keller

Bob Keller brings over 23 years of professional experience as a stream and wetlands restoration ecologist specializing in design, permitting, and construction oversight of NW wetland and riparian site mitigation and restoration projects. In this role, he has designed and overseen construction of site and soils preparation, invasive weed control, planting, mulching, temporary irrigation and construction details of large and small scale restoration and mitigation projects. He is an expert in the design of functional wetlands habitat and development of protocols and methodologies for planting and monitoring. He has extensive experience in the management of project implementation from pre-planning, site preparation and regulatory compliance through safety planning, orientations, onsite construction, and post project monitoring and evaluation.

In addition, Bob has successfully written numerous permit applications including JARPA’s, SEPA’s, HPA’s, NWP’s, CAO exemptions, and local land-use permits for both public and private clients.

Bob Keller


Senior Scientist/Restoration Ecologist

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