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Aaron Lee

Aaron has over 9 years of experience applying numerical models for large-scale infrastructure dam safety projects, and FEMA mapping efforts in the Columbia, Spokane, Clackamas and North Umpqua River basins. Since joining NSD + CGS, Aaron has led and supported numerous stream and watershed assessments through a multi-disciplinary lens. His expertise in numerical methods and field data collection is combined with experience in engineering design to solve complex river system issues in a holistic approach.

Aaron has led field surveys in remote and dynamic river systems. His experience includes topographic and bathymetric surveying, discharge measurements, and stream gage installation for hydrologic and hydraulic analyses. He has additional experience performing geomorphic field assessments to study channel form evolution, sediment budgets, and local erosional and depositional processes which involve natural or human-induced disturbances. He has led the installation of water level loggers for monitoring hydraulic connectivity in river and
estuarine systems, and the installation of scour chains in a gravel-bed river to monitor seasonal fluctuations in bed level.

Aaron Lee


Project Engineer

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