NSD + CGS’s ecologists, including four certified Professional Wetland Scientists each with decades of experience, are well-versed in all aspects of wetland science, including wetland delineation, functional assessment, permitting, restoration, and mitigation planning. Our staff are accomplished in advanced use of the Washington Department of Ecology’s Washington State Wetland Rating System for both Eastern and Western Washington and the Corps’ regional supplements for wetland delineation following both the Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast Regional Supplement, as well as the Arid West Regional Supplement.  We have particular expertise in conducting efficient floodplain delineations over large project areas (i.e. hundreds of acres) and in characterizing complex wetland mosaics which may be rehabilitated by riverine restoration projects. Our staff are highly regarded by the regulatory and scientific communities for their accuracy in delineating wetlands and their understanding of the documentation requirements for wetland and river restoration project permitting.  This reputation allows us to work efficiently and effectively with clients, the Corps, Ecology, and local critical area reviewers to identify and meet applicable requirements for work in wetlands and waters (e.g. fish passage/culvert replacement, ELJ installation, wetland restoration, levee removal or setbacks, dike breaches).  Our wetlands staff can provide oversight to ensure exemplary construction and plant installation consistent with the project’s design and permits.