In an era of rapid environmental change, sea level rise poses significant challenges to coastal communities, infrastructure, and ecosystems worldwide. NSD + CGS specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for sea level rise planning and assessment. We have a deep background in sea level rise (SLR) planning in Puget Sound where we work to help communities and coastal managers understand the potential risk of SLR-related hazards to infrastructure and nearshore habitats.

We analyze both the risk of flooding and coastal erosion now and in the future with projected sea level rise and associated coastal erosion/recession. We develop site-specific and large-scale coastal hazard vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning, and sea level rise-ready, resilient designs for coastal structures and areas. We stay informed on the best available science for sea level rise projections locally and regionally so that our work reflects the most up-to-date data. We also understand that stakeholder and community input are foundational to the long-term success of any sea level rise planning or coastal adaptation strategy, and we have a breadth of experience supporting engagement efforts.


Specific services include:  

  1. Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis: We conduct thorough assessments to evaluate the potential risks and vulnerabilities posed by sea level rise to coastal areas, infrastructure, and assets. Through advanced modeling techniques and data analysis, we identify at-risk areas and prioritize adaptation strategies. 
  1. Adaptation Strategy Development: We work closely with clients to develop tailored adaptation strategies that enhance resilience to sea level rise. Our team employs a multidisciplinary approach, considering geologic processes, engineering solutions, land-use planning, policy frameworks, and community engagement to create holistic and sustainable strategies for transportation networks, utilities, built environments, and habitats. Our evaluations help clients identify vulnerabilities and implement measures to enhance infrastructure resilience. 
  1. Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation: Recognizing the crucial role of natural ecosystems in mitigating the impacts of sea level rise, we provide expertise in ecosystem restoration and conservation such as using soft shore protection/nature-based solutions and strategic relocations.