Through our long history of design and project implementation, we have developed collaborative working relationships with permitting agency staff and a detailed knowledge of the requirements and interrelated nature of permits needed to conduct work in and around regulated resources (e.g. wetlands, waters, habitats for endangered and threatened species, potential cultural or historic resources). Our regulatory specialists work closely with our clients and the design team to determine the extent and nature of regulated resources, avoid and minimize impacts when possible, and design projects in accordance with programmatic agreements (when appropriate). We meet proactively with regulatory personnel to assure the permitting process moves as efficiently as possible and that project permits are acquired in a reasonably predictable time period and with reasonable and anticipated construction conditions. We work regularly with the Seattle and Portland Districts of the Army Corps of Engineers, NMFS, USFWS, WDFW, ODFW, Oregon Division of State Lands, and the Washington Departments of Ecology and of Archeology and Historic Preservation, as well as with US Bureau of Reclamation, BPA, US Forest Service, Tribal governments, and local cities and counties to ensure all requirements are met. We can also support clients with NEPA and SEPA compliance and performance monitoring plans and reporting.