Landscape Architects and Restoration Ecologists at NSD + CGS are unique in that they are formally educated in both biology/ecology and landscape architecture/design. They bring years of site assessment and analysis, visioning, visual communication including rendered graphics and diagrams, wayfinding design, conceptual/preliminary/final design development and drawings, grading plans, planting plans, stamped construction documents, specifications, cost estimates, details, planning and permitting documents, site monitoring and maintenance plans, invasive species management plans, collaboration with public artists, public presentations, community outreach, construction oversight, and project management experience to a creative design process. 

We believe in the betterment of ecosystems whether they exist in urban, rural or wild places; that human lives are improved through integration with these systems; and that all of our sites fit into a greater ecological matrix. Ecologically responsible design is essential, and relevant everywhere. We believe that design is an artistic expression, and we apply this creative process to all projects in all contexts. Our goal is to craft engaging, timeless places, and to integrate them into the surrounding landscape. The result is a unique design perspective focusing on the integration of science and artful design.