Upper Quinault River Habitat Restoration, Quinault Indian Nation, Taholah, WA

Upper Quinault River Restoration, Taholah, WA

NSD + CGS team members have been involved with every phase of restoration planning and implementation on the Upper Quinault River to restore natural processes across the entire alluvial valley. Early work included collaborations between Dr. Tim Abbe and the Bureau of Reclamation on a geomorphic analysis and hydrologic/hydraulic assessment of 12 miles of the river to establish priorities, and opportunities and constraints for a comprehensive restoration plan. The plan focused on development of critical off-channel habitat for sockeye salmon and emergency and long-term engineering design guidelines for stable logjams and riparian habitat. The plan was used as the basis for a programmatic permit to guide restoration and flood protection work within the Upper Quinault watershed. It provided a model for integrating science, emergency response, community relationships, and land management through an incremental, long-term approach to river restoration. Following this planning work, NSD + CGS has been involved with design and construction of multiple projects on the Upper River, including the Alder Creek Pilot Project, Project Area 5 and Jefferson County Reach.

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