Teanaway River Channel Migration Zone Assessment and Hydraulic Analysis, WA

Teanaway River CMZ and Hydraulic Analysis, WA

Dr. Tim Abbe was retained to provide expert witness services to the State of Washington in response to pending litigation related to flooding and erosion damages during the January 2009 flooding on the Teanaway River, Kittitas County, Washington. Assessments were performed to evaluate the effects of structures constructed and maintained by Washington State Department of Transportation on flooding and erosion on the Lower Teanaway River. The Lower Teanaway River has a long history of direct and indirect human induced changes that have resulted in the current, impaired condition. A detailed account of these disturbances and their contribution to current conditions were determined through geomorphic and hydraulic assessments. Hydrologic conditions during the January 2009 flood were investigated to describe effects of ice during the storm on river levels, the distribution of rainfall across the watershed, and was compared to other recent peak floods to place it in context with local flooding.

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