Sandy River Phase I Flood Hazard Study and Restorative Flood Protection Design, Clackamas County, OR

Sandy River Restorative Flood Protection, Clackamas County, OR

Natural Systems Design and Coastal Geologic Services was hired by Clackamas County to characterize flood erosion hazards of the upper reaches of the Sandy River most recently impacted by the January 2011 disaster flood event. A primary task of Phase I is the identification of key mitigation sites for flood storage, restorative flood protection and habitat enhanced bank stabilization design. In addition, NSD + CGS is currently working with the Sandy River Basin Council (SRBWC) on the Restorative Flood Response Design project, which is the pilot project for Clackamas County officials and SRBWC to correlate their goals for flood protection and relief for the entire Upper Sandy River community. As part of this project, NSD + CGS and the SRBWC published the Restorative Flood Response Community Handbook to assist local landowners with understanding the natural processes and flows of the Sandy.

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