Kenna Patrick

Kenna is a licensed landscape architect and has been working as a restoration designer at NSD for the past six years. Kenna holds a master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Washington with a program focus on urban ecological design, and a biology degree also from the UW. Hailing from a family of commercial salmon fishermen of the Ballard fishing fleet, Kenna has a unique appreciation for the importance of habitat restoration in the Pacific Northwest. She has witnessed firsthand how the degradation of our rivers and streams can affect all life.

In practice, Kenna is particularly interested in urban and suburban systems that have been stressed by human development, and in finding science-based design solutions that incorporate the concepts of place-making and human experience with restoration. Perhaps her favorite part of the job is tackling invasive species management and overseeing the installation of new native plant communities.

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Kenna Patrick


Landscape Architect