Kelvin Andrews, BS
Engineer Technician

Kelvin has 24 years of experience in project management and communications design and, in the last ten years, he has focused on environmental engineering. He is skilled in development of complex floodplain and stream corridor topography using Civil 3D, GIS, and 1-D and 2-D hydraulic modeling. He is comfortable with all phases of design, from field assessment and survey of existing conditions, and alternatives analysis and review, to modeling and preparation of bid-ready design sets. Kelvin also demonstrates a diverse expertise in 2D and 3D graphic design, technical writing and is versed in several computer programming languages.

During his free time, Kelvin bicycles roads and mountain trails, and explores¬†organic techniques in gardening. “I am fascinated by the effort to balance our energy use in cars, homes, and iphones along with the saving of energy in local food and self-sustaining soil among local farmers.”