Danielle Devier

Danielle is a senior urban ecological designer and licensed landscape architect. She specializes in implementing a science and community-based design approach. Danielle is experienced in all aspects of landscape architecture from site analysis and design development to master planning, construction documentation, cost estimating, and detail design.

She holds an advanced degree in landscape architecture from the University of Washington with a program focus on urban ecological design. Her technical and artistic training as a landscape architect is informed by a master’s degree in ecology. Danielle’s educational background supports her professional interest and work with diverse ecosystems, from the estuaries of Puget Sound to the forests of the North Cascades. She is passionate about the fields of design, art, and science. She strives to integrate these interests in her designs while maintaining a keen awareness of the human experience. Danielle excels at employing her understanding of ecosystems, people, and materials to design beautiful and resilient places.

Danielle Devier


Landscape Architect and Ecologist