Robby Dohrn, BA
GIS and Field Biology Technician

Robby is a GIS and Field Biology Technician with a background in fisheries monitoring, GIS and environmental education. He holds a degree in Ecology from Colorado College where he focused his studies on plant and forest ecology. He also draws on experience monitoring fisheries recovery and analyzing geospatial data following the historic dam removal on the Elwha River. His technical skillset includes salmonid identification, beach and estuary seining, riverine drift netting, electroshock fishing, spawner surveying, quantitative habitat analysis, radio telemetry, macroinvertebrate and zooplankton sampling, plant community analysis and various techniques in mammal and avian capture. Robby is also interested in international applications of biological research and conservation. He assisted with research at the South African Shark Conservancy in Hermanus, South Africa and spent a year in Chiapas, Mexico teaching environmental education and managing an educational hydroponic garden. At NSD Robby is providing technical project support in GIS and field support in fisheries monitoring and site surveys.